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SmashMag Free WordPress Theme

Smashing Mag Free WordPress Swiss Theme

Smashing Magazine does it up with Swiss minimal…

This stylized WordPress theme, designed by Marios Lublinski, has four versions all for free!!!!!! Thank you Marios and Smashing Magazine for always providing such amazing things.


Fun With JavaScript


Fun With JavaScript: Replace Array Contents Without Reassigning


I came up against this little puzzle the other day. The specifics aren’t important, I’m working with a 3rd party library and in one of their exposed hooks they pass me a reference to an array. I want to completely replace the contents of that array with some of my own stuff, but in such a way that the library’s internal references will also “see” my changes. Simply reassigning my local reference won’t work. To see what I mean, run the code below in a browser: Continue…

Servino Ristorante

Servino Where the locals Dine

Where the locals dine.

Servino is a family-run restaurant located in Tiburon that has been serving loyal customers and gourmands alike in the North Bay for generations. We were excited and grateful to be a part of the redesign for servino.com. Their main goal was to offer better mobile support. The original site was designed in Adobe Flash and couldn’t accommodate all of today’s leading smartphones. The new site we’ve built provides a great user experience on any of the modern mobile smartphones. Continue…